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Paul-Emmet Costelloe, an Irish-born painter based in Wimbledon, creates vibrant oil paintings from his art studio. His works depict a blend of real and imaginary worlds, inspired by his travels from the windmills of Wimbledon to the terraced houses of Amsterdam.

Paul-Emmet’s early paintings reflect his love for the coastal landscapes of his birthplace and his current passion for the British coast. These landscapes, rich in color and form, showcase coastal cliffs and sandbars brought to life with a palette knife. His use of oil paints highlights the land masses so effectively that the colors sing from the canvas.

With a love for water, he vividly portrays various harbors and a series of London’s bridges in his semi-abstract style. His joyful and unrestrained use of color, inspired by the European trend of colorful houses, creates sun-drenched, blue-skied fantasies that lift the spirits and add a timeless quality to any display.

Paul-Emmet sketches his images with lead pencil on canvas and moves the paint in wave-like motions to add depth and texture. Recently, his paintings have shown a lighter, softer touch with a chalk-like effect, resulting in a well-balanced and thoughtful response.

Currently experimenting with gesso panels, stained glass, and ceramics, Paul-Emmet is embarking on a new phase of his artistic journey. He continues to travel, seeking new inspirations for his work.


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